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Is your quote obligation free?

Yes we offer a no obligation free quote.

How do you possum proof my home?

We use one-way exit doors, which allows possums out but not back in.  True possum control is obtained by not only fixing the obvious entry points, but also strengthening where they may gain entry in the future. So when we do a quote for your home we will make allowances for this process, to ensure success. Remember possums never give up trying to get back in and we never give up keeping them out!!
Who changed the locks

Who changed the locks!?

Possum Proofing trap door

Example of one-way exit door.

Is your work guaranteed?

Yes Possum Whisperer provides 12 months guarantee with the service provided.

Do you possum proof homes only?

No we also specialise in schools, kindergartens, halls, commercial and industrial buildings.

Do you remove possums outside my home?

We are not allowed to remove possums that are in your trees or outside your home. For more information on living with possums refer to the D. S.  E. (Department of Sustainability and Environment) website for more information.

Possum Homes?

A smart and humane way to keep possums away from you home, is to give them a home of their own, ask us about our fully installed Possum boxes.

Possum Home

What Melbourne suburbs do you service?

We service Melbourne CDB, Melbourne Eastern Suburbs and Melbourne Bays Side Suburbs, click this link to see the full list of Melbourne Suburbs.

I think I have possums under my floor can you help?

Yes Possum Whisperer specialises in sub-floor possum problems.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, cheque, electronic transfer and credit cards.

One More Question?

Please call us on 0408308036 or hit the get in touch button below and fill out our email form, we are ready to help!

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