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The Possum Removal & Control Specialist

Possum Whisperer for possum removal, possum control, possum damage repairs. with 30 years experience, no obligation free quote and 12 months guarantee.

Our Experience

My name is Paul and I have been a possum man for over 30 years. I specialize in possum removals and fixing possum roof damage in peoples homes and business throughout Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. So if you think there’s a non-paying guest in your roof, call the Possum Whisperer today and make your night’s possum free.

How we solve and control your possum problem.

“Help me, there is a Possum in my roof.” Once a possum has taken up residence in your roof, this is where we at Possum Whisperer can help you. Firstly we will inspect the premises to confirm that there are possums in your roof and will give you an obligation free quote in writing with a warranty period. Upon acceptance, we will possum proof your home and remove possums quickly and efficently.

About possums

All possums are fully protected under the wildlife act 1975 and cannot be harmed in any way. It is illegal to trap possums without a possum removal license. In a possums natural surroundings, brushtail possums would make their home in a hollow tree but as there are few trees to take advantage of, possums will reside in your roof space where possible.

Why Use Us

  • 30 years experience
  • no obligation free quote
  • possum removal
  • possum control
  • possum proofing
  • subfloor specialists
  • 12 month guarantee

Melbourne Areas We Service

Melbourne CDB | Melbourne Eastern Suburbs | Melbourne Bayside Suburbs

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No Job too big or too small

Homes, Real Estate Agents, Schools, Halls, Commercial and Residential Properties.

“THORNY DEVIL” POSSUM SPIKES Sales and Install service.

We install and sell Thorny Devil Possum Spikes™  (also known as Fence Capping) an excellent and cost-effective way to deter possums from walking or climbing along the tops of fences and rails. Make fences off-limits to possums with a spiked barrier.

  • UV-resistant Polycarbonate (PC).
  • Length: 500 mm | Height: 175 mm | Width: 33 mm
    Spike Height: 150 mm (6 inches) | Spike Tip Radius: 2 mm (low harm)
  • Designed in Australia

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